Friday, December 21, 2007

1,000th Blog

This is our 1,000th blog

Who's 'our' ? All the amazing people who have made this blog possible ...

My family, my extended families in KL/Ipoh/Penang, M and X, Lynette, How, Endee, Yin-tze, Chris, Larissa, Suz, Paul, Bunny, ASL, my Oldham Bros (Jacko, LayKeong, the little Wens, BLL Teh, Val, Commando-Shang, Ye, Dau, Jared, Jo, Ray, Adrian, Andies ... you know who you are), Thomas, Esther, Tristan, Mich, Jo, KaKa, Jeanette, Cheik, BK, Pete, Gary, Giok, Richard, DannyJ, Jo, Neom, Sam, Vincent, May, Allison, AB, Sharon, Siang, Tim, Sam (there sure are lots of Sams in my life), Pamcakes, Jonno-kaki, the Yong and Yee families, FL, Ah Lye, Lianne, Joycey, Dan, Chui, Nig, Allan, Munsy, Weets, Rich (Yes I do know a lot of Richards too), Angeline, Uncle Jeff...

And so many more beautiful people I have met along the path of sharing food, drinks, dives, golf rounds, concert gigs... Thank you for travelling on this journey with me.
The best is yet to be!

Woke up this long weekend, thinking ... today's my 1,000th blog entry, what should I write about? Food (too obvious), Golf (too much work), Drinking (too early in the morning), and the Map suggested ... why not go up the Twin Towers? Yes, I had never ventured above the 3rd floor of Suria KLCC, so we made our way into town ... and voila! Here's my 1,000th blog!

Merry Christmas :-)

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