Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mak Tom Nasi Lemak @ Pavilion KL

I have now sampled FOUR of the 28 outlets at Pavilion's massive foodcourt (known as Food Republic, located on the lower ground floor of KL's flagship mall) ... J&Co Donuts, Madam Kwans and now ... Mak Tom's Nasi Lemak. The 4th being the subject of my next blog, dessert time aka Tong Sui.
Anyway, Mak Tom's Nasi Lemak turned out rather decent, and I was impressed by the colourful display as well as the huge wok of ... SAMBAL!

Here's an excerpt from Masak Masak's excellent blog, describing the different outlets at Food Republic:

1) Ibunda Nasi Padang (selection of nasi padang favourites)
2) Teppanyaki Express (RM14 for the beef and chicken sets. RM16 for the oysters and RM18 for scallops)
3) Herbal Soup (various types of steamed soup which can be eaten with rice or noodles)
4) Mee Jawa (sells Penang specialties like rojak, laksa, lam mee)
5) Pan Mee (sells dry noodles, served with soup or curry, assam laksa also available)
6) Wild Basil (serves western items like pastas, pizzas and kebabs)
7) Ichiban Ramen (various noodles and Japanese food items)
8) Sweetspoon Dessert (there's durian cendol and mango ice kacang)
9) Spicy Garden (biryani, tandoori and roti)
10) Sam Sam Korean Cuisine (Japchae noodles with rice and etc)
11) Little Taiwan (beef claypot, beef noodles and etc)
12) Vietnam Kitchen Deli (shrimp and mango rolls, beef soup and etc)
13) Sergeant Chicken Rice (Hainanese chicken rice)
14) Ipoh Cuisine (Hor Fun, Sang Har Meen, Popiah)
15) Hong Kong Roasts (barbequed roasts)
16) Scissor Cut Curry Rice ( curry chicken served with rice, also has selected cooked dishes)
17) Little Wok (freshly fried items served in tiny woks - this seemed to be the most popular)
18) Mak Tom's Nasi Lemak (select from various items to accompany your nasi lemak)
19) Rama9 Thai Food (cooked thai food like noodles, also has selection of dishes to choose from)
20) Yong Tau Foo (select from the counter which type you want)
21) Dough Fritters (also available is fresh soy bean milk and porridge)
22) Hot Plate (Aside from noodles and rice, they also serve seafood. Select from ikan pari, lala and etc from the counter)
23) John King (tarts and biscuits)
24) Thye Hong (Carrot cake, oyster omelette, char kuey teow, fried prawn noodles)
25) Toastbox (toast, eggs, drinks, mee siam, lontong and etc)
26) Stall serving fresh fruit juices

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