Monday, December 31, 2007

Reunion @ Bangsar Village II

Contemporary, chic, and darn good food ... welcome to REUNION.
Thanks for the reco and the treat, my dear Map.

Great starter ... served and presented beautifully. Nice lighting as well, perfect to highlight the delicate presentation of the dishes.

Porridge with Pei Tan (Century Egg) and Lean Pork to line the stomach ... mmmmh.

Hokkien Mee - The piece de resistance ... Better then Jalan 222's Ah Wah? Quite possibly!

Reunion is the 'new' Yee Garden (same management), hence it is no surprise that their combo platter of roast pork (siew-yoke), char siew and roast duck is exquisite.

Also tried the scrumptious Beef with Ginger ... all the dishes were good!

Superb! The Pomello and Mango dessert was exquisite :-)
The Tong Yuen was rather good too.

Only downside? Expensive. All the above, which included 2 porridge, 2 hokkien mee, 1 platter of roast meats, 1 beef with ginger and 2 mango-pomelo and 1 tong yuen ... for the princely sum of RM$170.

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Anonymous said...

looks good but expensive lah!