Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fat One Steamboat 'Lok-Lok' in SS2, PJ

One early morning ... nearly 2am ... at SS2 in PJ near 7-11 ... I spotted ...

Mmmh ... can't resist!

Fat One Lok-Lok or Steamboat ... just pick your favourite meats, seafood, veges etc ... and dip them in the various mini boiling cauldrons. After a couple of minutes, pick up the sticks, dip them in the sauces (chilli - sweet - satay ... I like satay!) which you can spoon on-to your styrofoam boxes, and voila ... magic. The pork balls are especially yummy!

YES! You can even cater the stall to your home, for about RM$1,000 Mr Fat One will feed 60 of your guests. Enjoy!

Mr Fat One ... at the end of your meal, just dispose of your styrofoam box, and let him count the sticks, which are identified on the tips with colours indicating prices for each, and pay your bill ... and come again!

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