Friday, October 03, 2008

Euro Fun Park, Funfair @ AEON Bukit Tinggi Jusco Klang

Venue: Euro Fun Fair, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2 in Klang
Location: Car park of AEON - Jusco Bukit Tinggi mall
Tickets: Buy at the entrance, RM$3 for adults, and 2 bucks for kiddies.

Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 aka Tammy
Flash: None
Tripod: Cheapo fella, but at least it was full-sized (height-wise anyway!)
Exif: f/5.6 to f/12.0, 1/50s to 3s, ISO 100 to 640

This is the entrance

Wasn't sure whether I wanted to go in, initially, but struggled shooting from road-side... so I succumbed, and paid my dues to enter!

A few more shots from the outside ...

I am in!

My favourite shots :-)

More rides ... this one is like a "Viking"

The Roller Coaster was silent ...

Remember bumper cars!?


Christy said...

Hahaha....I get the point, that thing was definitely a flippin'!:D
Amazing shots, you took them at several takes?

Gosh, when was the last time I've been in a funfair...I can't remember...unless seeing a funfair counts, think I saw it in Final Destination 3? heehehe...that wasn't true...but I really need to think:p

Bumblee-mir said...

Never too old for ferris wheel and bumper car rides. Anyway, I start to blog after reading yours a couple of time. Also, added you into my blogroll. Too bad I can't meet you up during tyhe LaSalle get together.