Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 - Lens for Nikon

This is the latest addition to our lens family :-) A Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 Di Macro 1:1
More information from
Model: 272E
Lens Construction (Groups/Elements): 9/10
Angle of View: 27°
Diaphragm Blade Number 9
Minimum Focus Distance: 11.4in.(0.29m)
Macro Magnification Ratio: 1:1
Filter Diameter: ø55
Some information from a camera site,
Pros: Modest size, good image quality, decent AF (autofocus) and reasonable price.
Unique is Tamron's use of a dial for the focus limit switch. It is slightly harder to bump the dial to a different setting and it works fine. In the limit position, the Tamron 90 will autofocus between 11.4" and 15.75" (290mm and 400mm) or 17.7" (450mm) and 8. The in-between distance is marked in white and visible in the focus window. Focus hunting can be dramatically reduced by using this feature. Of course, full range autofocus is available in the full setting.

Hmm, what can I shoot ...

Here are some random test shots ... my first ever Macro lens!
ps - Why is this lens known as the "Portrait Macro", you will soon see from my coverage of a friend's birthday party ...


email2me said...

Yo Julian,

You use this with your Canon Powershot G9 ??

If it can I want to buy too !!!!!
All those shots are so damn cool! Makes the food looks yummy ....

Julian Si said...

NOPE! Unfortunately not ... With the G9, you can get a macro and a telephoto converter to go "wider" and "longer" ... but this lens I am referring to, my Tamron, is used with my Nikon D80 and D90.

See ya :-) and thanks for the nice comments again!

faris said...

Hi Julian..
could this lense be used for Canon EOS also?
SInce I am confused which one to buy either Canon 100mm/f2.8 macro or this one?
Whats the price for Tamron??

Julian Si said...

Hi Faris

I got this used, but in the shops it should range from 2000-2500 RM brand new.

There is a CANON version as well, mine is of course a NIKON mount. Cheers!