Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Restoran Ketam Steamboat Seafood, Bandar Menjalara at Kepoong

Tel: +603 6272 2286
Location: Thanks to LimMeiYen's blog for this description ...
1) If you are coming from LDP, make a U-turn after the Toll and keep to your right.
2) Turn right and you will meet one roundabout.
3) At the roundabout, turn left (9 o'clock) and go straight till you meet a junction which is right in front of a Mosque.
4) Once you reach that junction, turn left-right and you will see a few petrol stations on your left.
5) Turn right at the first junction and go straight.
6) You will see Ketam Steamboat, on the left-hand side.

The starters ... Really good sweet-chilli sauce is served with the Chicken Wings at an adjacent road-side stall. About RM$2 per piece. "Ordinary tasting" chicken accentuated with deeeelicious dipping sauce!

The Steamboat - Brilliant!
1) Fresh seafood
2) Excellent and firm fishballs, which were obviously hand-made from good fish
3) Soup and Tom-yam broth wasn't too MSG-fied!

Cost? About RM$13-14 per person, but the additional stuff like enoki mushrooms (straw mushrroms @ RM$8 per plate) etc adds up very quickly. We ended up spending about RM$20 per head, for the four of us.

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