Monday, October 13, 2008

Putter shoot-out : Titleist Scotty Cameron Detour v Ben Hogan Big Ben

These 2 putters are nearly 5 years apart in terms of release dates and technology, but show similarities in having alignment aids and beautiful construction. Remember, "You drive for show, and putt for dough"!

This is a shoot-out between ...
Ben Hogan Big Ben by Bettinardi (BHB-7)
Scotty Cameron Design - Newport 2.5 Detour

The Big Ben is a lot larger then the Detour!

Both headcovers are cool, and I do like the blue of the Big Ben, but the Detour seems more contemporary-looking! The Big Ben does have a magnetic clasp in its favour, compared to the velcro-ed Detour.

In terms of build quality, the Detour marginally beats the Ben Hogan.

Finally, in terms of alignment aids, both are good, but I prefer the Detour's simplicity and slightly softer feel.

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