Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amazing Race Asia 3 - Episode 6 (Hong Kong)

Originally screened on AXN, last Thursday 16th October 2008, at 9:00pm Malaysia time.

This is the 5th episode of TARA3 (The Amazing Race Asia 3) ... The first challenge was at the Kowloon King's Park Sports Ground, where teams had to get through a rugby field full of Standard Chartered handsome / tough / big / strong rugby players, who would stop them from getting the clue box at the far end of the field! Ida and Tania seemed especially enamoured by them, haha...

Here's the lovely Tisha Silang doing the Detour, Get Lucky. Wikipedia ... Teams had to head to one of the designated tables at Mee Lun St. and bite into hundreds of fortune cookies in a marked jar and only when they find the one cookie which contains a fortune regarding their next clue can they proceed.

Our gals took a lot longer at the fortune cookie challenge, sigh!

Bernie and Henry chose the other Detour ... Get Fishy. As described in Wikipedia, teams had to scale and gut 12 fishes to the satisfaction of a fishmonger, before they would receive their next clue.

The next challenge was a Roadblock at Kowloon's Tung Choi Street aka the Ladies' Market , where the teams had to look for an identical handbag on a "moving target" aka random-shopper! Not easy... Anyway, all the teams completed the challenge eventually.

Hmm, a lovely lady welcomed the teams to the junk at Blake Pier, Stanley, which was the pitstop for this leg.

Well done, the Hong Kong lads!

Uh ... Bernie kept the handbag from the challenge, haha! Not bad guys, our Malaysian superteam came in SECOND in this leg.

Our other team, Ida and Tania, came in LAST. But were relieved when Alan let them know that this was a pre-determined NON elimination leg. They gave up their monies, and they are on their way to next week's episode ... Phew!

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