Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dominos Pizza - Aiyoh, I've been bad!

One evening, late one night, I craved some comfort food ... Oh oh, I've been bad, I couldn't resist some sinful fastfood... Domino's Pizza it is then!

Hmmm, they prepared it bang on time, 15 minutes, so no free pizza for me!

Sambal Sausage Pizza ... RM$23.80

It was delicious! But ... I felt so guilty. Grrrr!


feichai said...

Aiyo, dominoes also must review meh?

They paying you for you to blog is it?

Julian Si said...

NUPE!! I don't accept money for my blogs lah :-)

I just like reviewing just about EVERYTHING I have ... good or bad! simple or fine!

Have a good weekend ahead!

feichai said...

Well, your write ups are worthy of being paid :)

Didn't know you wrote for MT :) Keep up the great work dude! Enjoy your rantings about food, car number plates and cameras!

You too! Have a good F1 weekend ahead!