Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bermuda and Onion - Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

As featured on Malaysian Today, 9th October 2008!
This was my 4th write-up, and first full-page article, for Malaysian Today :-)

Add: 41 Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL
Tel: +603 2145 8333
Opening hours: Weekdays 12pm - 11pm, Weekends 10am - 11pm

Kuala Lumpur is a gastronomic dream, and there has been an influx (and demise!) of various trendy restaurants. One of the areas which has the most rapidly changing landscape of eateries would be Changkat Bukit Bintang. The choice of international cuisine in this compact area include Italian, Russian, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, French and more!

Whilst a beautiful restaurant, with immaculately dressed waitering staff and doormen is inviting, it also makes me wonder what we are actually paying for. I like paying for good food, and Bermuda and Onion (B&O), which is a relatively new addition to Changkat Bukit Bintang, does that well!

B&O is an all-day eatery, and I have heard many good comments about their breakfast fry-ups as well as their more moderately priced set lunches. However, me and my friends were there for a "full-on" dinner experience, which turned out to be a joy for pork-lovers! The staff are attentive, and the décor is bistro-like ... Simple yet tasteful, with hues of greens and fresh flowers, this certainly made our three hour dinner fly by!

Chef Max, when he was not in his glass-partitioned open kitchen, was animated, playful and well skilled in Italian-inspired cooking. He came to say hi to us, and recommended various cold-cuts of meats from the refrigerated counter, as well as helped us through the menu. Soon after we sat down, a steaming hot basket of home-made bread with a greek cucumber and yoghurt dip (Tzatziki) arrived, and it was simply delicious!

We started off with some Cajun prawn skewers, which turned out to be plump and juicy. The sauce was to die for! The Short Ribs were also very tasty. Another starter which I would try next time is the Prawn wrapped with Parma Ham skewers, which JQ says is magnificent!

We then ordered a platter of cold-cut meats, which was served with some olives, and it was huge! I could hardly remember the various names, but I do remember it included parma ham, salumi, bresaola, peppercorn infused hams, as well as jamon-like (Spanish ham) meats. Fresh and delicious! We also ordered a smaller helping of Proscuitto and Melone (RM$33) or "Parma ham with rock melon", which was equally delicious. As an alternative, we could have also asked for the "rustic" platter, which would have meant that the meats are served with an assortment of cheeses, including parmesan, brie, and gorgonzola.

For the mains, we could not resist ordering the B&O Platter for two (RM$70). This is a mixed grilled of sausage, loin, ribs, belly with potato, onion and beans. It was good!

Our other friends ordered the Caesars Salad (One of the best in town, gorgeous freshly-grilled bacon bits), Ravioli (Sauce was over-powering and slightly too salty, I guess some would say it was full of flavour!), as well as grilled fish and a delicious steak.

The desserts we chose were decent, but hardly spectacular, a moist Chocolate cake and a Crème Brulee. We didn't explore many of the other desserts, leaving out the famed Tiramisu which was sold-out (RM$14).

I also heard that there is a counter at the rear of the restaurant, which allows convenient take-aways. What a great all-in-one concept restaurant! Price-wise, with a glass or two of house-wine, a typical meal would come up to about RM$100 per person. B&O is a really nice place to go for a treat, or simply to indulge in some Italian comfort food!


CUMI & CIKI said...

how does it compare with nero teca?

Anonymous said...

Bermuda and Onion does not serve pork. There has either been a change of management or a change of menu. They have beef sausages. An abomination!