Friday, October 31, 2008

Sure Pizza, Plaza Damas at Sri Hartamas KL

Add: SURE PIZZA @ P37, Plaza Damas Ground Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Jalan Hartamas 1, KL
Tel: +603 6201 6014)
Opening hours: Daily (10am-10pm)
Note: Pork-free
Located: Next to Sao Nam (Vietnamese), and opposite Kim Gary (HKie)
The star: Paolo, a quiet-spoken but pleasant Italian man + Chef + Restaurenteur!

RC recommended this place late one evening, and I was actually glad our original choice of Fogal Meat Market and Deli (Which I have still yet to indulge in!) was closed! I was introduced to Paolo, the rather quiet spoken but brilliant chef, who promptly showed us the fresh clams he had just purchased from the market at 4am in the morning!

Spaghetti alle Vongole - Spaghetti with clams, this was fabulous! Al Dente taken to a new level, perfectly firm to bite. What struck me about this dish was the top-notch Olive Oil used, brilliant. The condiments of minced paste of onion-garlic in olive oil, as well as "sambal-like" tomato-chilli paste was simply to-die-for!

Pizza Primavera - I can't remember which pizza I chose, it may have been the Primavera. Whatever it was, it was exquisite! One of the best pizzas I have ever had in KL, moist, fresh, and cheesy yet not-poweringly so!

Tiramisu - I ta-powed this home, hmmm... it's still in the fridge! It comes highly recommended, mmmmm!

Most dishes each cost between RM$20-25, and represent good value considering the freshness of the ingredients, as well as the generous portion size.

Note: Apologies for the rather crappy photos, I only had my 'berry on me :-( Shall come back with a larger group next time, and try out ALL the dishes, as well as bring a camera that is worthy of the excellent food i.e. Nikon D80 with Tamron SP90 Macro lens!

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denniswoo said...

The Tiramisu is fantastic