Saturday, June 06, 2009

Time to tee off at The Club, Bandar Utama's 9 hole golf course

We had a round at Bandar Utama's 9 hole golf course, The Club, recently ...

Was OK ... then not OK off the tee box. Grrrr!


The conditions here have improved, and where else can you have a leisurely pressure-free 9-hole round for two persons at under RM$100?

One more time :-)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, never knew there's a golf club there now.
What's your handicap? Nope, I don't play golf, but love to watch on TV, when that Tiger fellow playing at the Masters.
Prefer fishing, ballroom dancing and chasing after sarongs, preferably under a moonlight night, ha ha, good dividends and bonuses.
You play tennis too, I notice. Wayyyyy to go,man!
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

CUMI & CIKI said...

nice swing jules!

email2me said...

They call this 9 holes course a beginner course. I don't think so. The fairway is so narrow. :D

I like the whole 7. Par 3 from top of the hill. Sometime whack too hard + some wind go to the next T box. lol.