Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tambun Kee 888 Pomelo - Ipoh

Wikipedia ... Pomelos are sold in front of Sam Poh Tong, along Gopeng Road (the old Route 1 that links the towns in Perak and neighbouring states). These stalls cater mainly for tourists driving into Ipoh.

No trip to Ipoh would be complete without stopping by at the pomelo stalls and be entertained by the quick-talkin' ladies hawking ... pomelos!

Found this description online ... Like grapefruits, Pomelo can range from almost seedless to very seedy, from juicy to dry, from sweet to sour. It is sweeter than a grapefruit and can be eaten fresh.
Pomelos are especially popular for Chinese New Year and 'Mid-Autumn Festival'. The Chinese believe the delectable Pomelo is a sign of prosperity and good fortune - good things will happen if they eat it.

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