Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is every Proton Juara ever built here in Klang?

Who in Proton would have thought of producing the Juara? Oh boy...

Wikipedia ... The Proton Juara was a microvan produced by Malaysian carmaker Proton between 2001 and 2003. The design and production of the Juara marked a notable departure from Proton's traditional preference towards saloons and hatchbacks, making the Juara the first van to be manufactured by Proton.
In its marketing campaign, PROTON decided that the JUARA is essentially a Mini-MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) and became the platform in its advertising and promotional campaign
The van's name was derived from the Malay language, meaning "champion".

Check out the number of Juaras in this used car dealer in Klang, heh heh! Must be a "Juara specialist dealership"!

What really transpired ...
The Juara's market performance was generally poor, with production stopped a few months after its introduction in 2001.
However, the production for a small number (around 1,000 units) was resumed in mid-2002. The sales figures remained so disappointing that in 2003, Proton discontinued the production of the Juara altogether. When it was first introduced in 2001, the price tag of the Proton Juara was around RM42,000 to RM52,000. Less than a year later, the price was reduced to RM35,000 but it still failed to attract the consumers in Malaysia.
The Juara has, however, found a niche market among small traders who found that the Juara was suitable for transporting medium loads.The Juara has also generated much interest among select enthusiast groups who view "THE BOX" as a technological marvel.

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dk said...

technological marvel indeed, you could probably cut it open with your car keys