Monday, June 15, 2009

Best Penang Assam Laksa in town - SS2 Pasar Malam

As the sun sets on a Monday evening over SS2, in Petaling Jaya (Across the road from KTZ, Jalan SS2/67) ...

The queues have already formed for what is possibly the finest Assam Laksa in town. We waited for at least 20 minutes, having picked up a plastic tag with a number on it (efficient queueing system, eh! Fair too!) and eventually getting a place to seat on the shared table alongside a drain (It's worth it!!) ...

RM$4 for a small portion, which is rather generous, or add 50 cents more for a larger bowl. Add a further 50 cents extra for more noodles, and RM$1.50 more for "extra fish"! SUPERB! Perfectly balanced, well cooked noodles, delicious broth, and chunky pieces of fish. The customer service with a smile is wonderful too, we like!!


mimid3vils said...

Salivating over ur spicy & sour asam laksa~~

BESS Kopitiam said...

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Julian Si said...

Please do not copy and paste this "comment" across my blog, if you wish to bring your store to my attention ... there are other ways!

Thanks ... I wish you luck with your business anyway!

薄荷。香 said...

beside SS2, where can i find this assam laksa?