Sunday, March 09, 2008

Kelana Jaya - Gwo Burne & KeADILan ... You have done it!

KELANA JAYA - Gwo Burne, congratulations bro!

Here are some pics from the day after (Sunday) ...

The clean-up has started in earnest in the Damansara area ... only a couple of posters left to be seen!


<---That Girl said...

hey there, I was clicking the "next blog" link and found yours. I was wondering,how did you get the pictures at the top of your blog under the title like that?? Pretty snazzy.

Imbi & Itchy said...

I knowwwww, its such an amazing day isn't it? Damn emo day for me leh, but dare not tell J hahahhaa, scared he misintepret it lah.

Am sooo glad I'm living and working in PKR area now. If I see anymore bad service from the police department etc, I will kick their butt now! Muahahahahaha