Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hell's Kitchen (US - Season 2)

Watched on: Asian Food Channel (AFC) @ Astro

I've been hooked all day on a Hell's Kitchen Marathon on Astro ... WOW! Gripping stuff :-) Imagine a MEANER Donald Trump (The Apprentice i.e. billionaire with the bad wig), working in a kitchen environment, with EVEN more drama ... that's the recipe (pun intended!) for Hell's Kitchen :-)

From Wikipedia ...
Cast during November 2005, the second season aired starting on 12th June 2006 and concluded on August 2006. The winner was promised an executive chef position at a multi-million-dollar restaurant in the billion dollar Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino, at Las Vegas. (as well as a financial interest in the restaurant and partial control over its design).

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