Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Colin! Zeta Bar Partytime

It was the night before Awal Muharam, a bank holiday here, so it was party time in honour of birthday boy Colin ... first it was party time at twenty-one and then it was time for a yummy dinner at Vincenzo One Bangsar . And now, Zeta too!
We had a great section, at the Champagne Bar corner, but it was hard liquor all night instead!

Finally ... Zeta has a new band. Akasha originates from the Quebec, Canada, and comprises of Izabelle, Kathy, Valou, Chelsy and Mylene. Zeta describes "Their diversification enables them to interpret Hip Hop, R&B, disco music, rock n roll and as well of many other styles. Their contagious energy in front of the crowds is their most positive feature, their choreographies in original settings and blazing costumes, creates an environment of festivities which will make you want to dance all night!"

Hmmm ... we started partying even before Colin arrived!

Ah hah ... BIRTHDAY BOY Colin arrives :-)

Drinking and dancing the night away ...

Cheik, BK, Gary and Vianca are lethal drink buddies ... Absolut vodka, and again!

More partying ...

At the end of the night ...

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