Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lijin Chinese Fusion Cuisine, Pavilion KL

Add: Lijin Chinese Fusion Cuisine, 6.39, Level 6, Pavilion KL @ Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL
Tel: +603 2148 2313
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm, Daily
Was just going for a walkabout in Pavilion when we noticed Xn's wheels ... and 10 mins later we were sat with J & X at Lijin on the 6th Floor :-) Yum yum!
The starters
Peking Duck - Yummmm!
Roast Duck - Slurp ... delicious. So was the Siew Yoke (Roast Pork).
Duck and Preserved Vege soup - Yummy!
Fried rice - Rather good!


Anonymous said...

I had a bad experience dining @ LiJin Pavilion.

Faxed a confirmed booking for a group of friends. Ended up having to pay double because they conveniently forgot to add "per table" to the quote. I paid the RM4k bill for 2 tables and filed to the consumers' tribunal but judge ruled in favour of them.

The irony is that although they have admitted their mistake to me but they lied in court, saying that I rubbed off the "per table".

Swore never to go back there and warn others of things they are capable of.

Anonymous said...

Comment to Julian's post:-
Juliang ,you have nice photo-taking skill there =)

Hmm, I have dine-in there a few times. So far, I am pretty satisfied with both their food and services, not to mention, their price too, its very reasonable or may i say its very worthy. =)

I highly suggest a few dishes below which are my favorite dishes there so far:-
-Peking Duck(5/5 ratings)
-Buttered Alaska Crab (5/5 ratings)
-BBQ Platters (5/5 ratings)
-Steamed Garoupa (5/5 ratings)
-Dim Sum (5/5 ratings)

My ratings are based on price and taste of those dishes =)

Listening to your case, i have no comment bout it, but may u list what you've ordered there? Is the price worth to pay for what you've ordered?

As I can see, running such a big restaurant at such a grand place, I am quite confident that no businessman will commit such act to ruin their business's fame, especially after such big investment. Positive thinking, will you do such thing if you have such a big business?

You do not have to answer anything here, just ask your heart and answer yourself.

Anonymous said...

That you are right about big restaurant and businessmen ethics but as bizarre as it may sound, I have witnesses but were overpowered by their tampered physical evidence.

The food we ordered was nothing out of the ordinary. We were simply there for the ambience.

I have nothing to be sorry about saying all these but it is a surprise how the manager can get on with their business as usual without a sense of remorse or guilt.

Anyway, I am just here as a victim, providing free advice or warning to all food lovers out there .... NO, I am not a restaurant owner. Neither do I have anything to gain nor hidden agendas.

Anonymous said...

I went ot LiJin on Saturday monring (18/04/2009) after seeing their advertisement on local chinese newspaper on all you can et dim-sum for RM20.80++ per person, which I found it very value for money since LiJin located at a posh shopping venue. My wife, my mother in law and me took up the offer as we could not resists the temptation on all you can eat din sum and since my wife is craving for dim sum (she’s pregnant 7 + months), well LiJin it is our destination.
We reach around 11.15am and we were being served, the waitress is very helpful and very good at doing their job but there is ths one lady, I reckon is the supervisor, I think she’s having a bad day as her face was tremendous under preassure and she think that she doesn’t desrve to work on saturday, god knows why. Well we just ignore the supervisor and waiting for our dim sum. LiJin all you can eat dim sum layout is not exactly buffet style, the waitress will use the cart to scroll around each table and you get to choose what ever dim sum you prefer and there is a time limit of 2 hours per table, fine with ,me.
After waited for 15 minutes, the first steam dim sum cart came out and we select just a few because there are still many tables waiting to savour the dim sum, its inpolite to tak all the dim sum and leave non to others, so we pick at least 5-6 different types of dim sum. The food was great andf fresh, another 15 minutes came the fried dim sum stuff, we took at least 5 different varities.
This is where the horible experience starts, the steam dim sum cart stop coming and no where to be seen for 35 minutes. Only the friend dim sum cart keep coming, i reckon 3 times during thr 35 minutes ordeal. Keep in mind we had only 2 hours to eat. I can see a feel tables are getting annoyed of not getting the dim sum. Finally after 35 minutes, the second serving od steam dim sum arrived, the variety is leass then the first serving cart and we asked from the begining, any har hau (shrimp dumpling), the waitress only keep mentioned, wait. So we wait, till the time we pay our bills, there is no har kau. I calculated, 13 steam dim sum, 8 fried dim sum and one chee cheong fun is what we ate and we cannot wit for the third serving cart to arrived as we have run out of tolerant. By the time we left, their kitchen is open concept and you can see there are at least a few hundred of dim sums piling up waiting for steaming. Why?? Why no body preparing the dim sum. By now many customers already paid their bills and left with frustration.
I can see where they coming from, you have 2 hours to eat and their planning is, keep providing them with fried stuff and not the steam, do not get me wrong, this is my opinion only. RM20.80++ is not expensive and is considered cheap and vale for money but the way they interpreting is like you pay RM20.80++ per person and we don’t care since is cheap.
Word of mouth is much more poison then any complaint to the newspaper or media, so LiJin please treat your customer with what they deserve. Kindly please restructuring your all-you-can-eat buffet in an ordeal fashion as I’m sure I’m not the only customer that complaint on that day.

Julian Si said...

Please direct your comments at the Management, you can call Li Jin at 03 2148 2313 , or simply drop by at the restaurant next time you are there.

Good luck!