Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meena Cafe at Port Zayed - Closed until further notice

Tonight (15th January) at Meena Cafe, they will be serving the last meals (Curry mee special today!) until further notice. I just said goodbye to the chef :-(

This place will always hold special memories in the heart of my family as well as countless other Malaysians who arrived here in the desert ...

For the minutes that we were eating the delicious and honest food of Meena Cafe, we were transported back to a simpler place called home, even though we were 5,500 km away from home ... Curry mee, Nasi lemak, Fried tung fun, the countless chap-fan meals ... and a fantastic chicken rice.

Meena Cafe and all the Chefs and team who have served us, you shall be missed. Good luck!

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