Saturday, January 07, 2012

India Palace - Now open at Mazyad Mall, Mussafah

India Palace is now open at Mazyad Mall, thus we don't have to brave the mad traffic of the Salam Street branch!

Located: 2nd floor, Mazyad Mall - Plot C, Street # 79, Zone # 9, Mohammed Bin Zayed City
Tel: +971 2 553 2259

Nice ambience, reasonably attentive staff...

According to my colleagues the food is North Indian, here's my chicken briyani ...

The mushroom curry was rather good, but the aloo keema (potatoes/peas) was REALLY good!

ps - We had lassis / fresh juices etc, and the bill came up to 100 AED per person. This isn't a cheap eatery!

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LoLy said...

It is not cheap, but it is a nice place to eat. Since I knew about Caesars Restaurant- Raha Mall. I never went to indian palace again, you should give a try.. check here for some yummie pics..