Friday, January 13, 2012

Beijing - Best chinese restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Yes ... its our favourite chinese restaurant in town again, Beijing!


N 24° 28' 51.6"

E 54° 21' 53.8"

Located: Near Madinat Zayed
Tel: +971 2 621 0708

Our favourite ... the Mixed seafood with Tofu in Hot Pot (42 AED, or RM$35).
And I think its the first time we ordered the ... Steamed prawns with Garlic sauce, turned out to be the show-stealer. Excellent!! 48 AED, or RM$40.

Always seem to order the fresh and perfectly prepared Dry fried Green beans with Garlic (18 AED, or RM$15) too, but thats because its so darn yummy.
And ... MD and DS (and I!) were hungry, so we ordered an extra dish - Crispy Tofu Kung Pao style, 22 AED (RM$17). Good too!

Large steamed rice, is 25 AED. Small single-helping of rice is 5 AED. And a refillable pot of Jasmine chinese-tea is 5 AED. All in all, a yummy, satisfying and good value meal ... BURP!

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