Saturday, January 14, 2012

Belgian Cafe : Pork ribs and Mussels in Abu Dhabi

Add: Intercontinental Abu Dhabi - Al Bateen, not far from the Corniche
Tel: +971 800 423 463
Reservation: Recommended ... The place was 2/3rds packed by the time we got there at 8:30pm, and was full by the time we left at 10pm!
Opening hours: Daily, 5pm - 1am
Entertainer: 2012 edition (Entertainer costs 350 AED or RM$280, and is a book of vouchers which allows us to dine for buy-one-get-one-free at many places in Abu Dhabi).

Yes, the bread's in the bag. Nice warm loafs to start, with good french butter.

I had the Leffe Brun (Dark - Some may prefer the pale Blonde instead), which was magnificent. A 50cl large "pint" is 42 AED or RM$33 which may not be cheap, but it was straight from the tap. Fresh, and perfect, so full of body. My BIL, LM, tried the Kriek (25 cl, 38 AED) which had strong hints of cherry, interesting!

Both the dishes we picked was from a strong recommendaton by DS, and he was spot on both times - I had the Mussels Provencale, 130 AED (RM$105). Fresh, very generous portion, and delicious broth / gravy with lots of chunky mediterranean bits such as aubergine, tomatoes, onions etc.

My mussels from ... Brussels :-)

LM chose the Liege Spare Ribs, yes PORK. It completely came off the bone, and the marinade was spectacular. I can't wait to come back :-) The fries (came along with our mains, we had a cone each) were great too, chunky and perfectly fried. Obviously, this being the Belgian-experience, it was served with mayo!

Yes ... the service was average at best, we had to ask for the menu, and were never asked if we enjoyed our meal (Despite me having a big camera and flash on me!), nor made to feel special. But the food makes up for this!

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Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

I guess they know their food is nice, sure customer enjoy and don't need to ask feedback from their customer , hahaha..