Friday, January 06, 2012

Cafe Arabia - Roof terrace brunch in Abu Dhabi


N 24° 27' 19.6"

E 54° 22' 46.4"

Located: Villa #224/1 on 15th, between 2nd/Airport and 24th/Al Karamah Opposite Al Mushrif Children’s Park, near Choueifat School Parking

Tel: +971 2 643 9699

There's now a roof terrace ... perfect for brunches on sunny winter mornings in Abu Dhabi, when the temperature is 16C - 20C :-)

Our drinks ...

MD's salad and DS's saaj :-)

My full english breakfast, 48 AED or RM$40. This includes a generous cup of cappucino, and a nice freshly squeezed cup of orange juice.

The view from the rooftop terrace :-)


LoLy said...

What about the service, was it improved !!?? or still the same bad horrible service !!

Julian Si said...

LoLy : ... you should expect being totally ignored and delayed for a very long time before someone noticing that you entered the cafe, someone brings you the Menu, someone asks you what you wanna order. ...

Jules: Once I appeared at the door / entrance, a man greeted me and gave me directions on how to go to the rooftop terrace, where my friends were waiting for me. It took about 3 mins before the waiter brought us our menus, and he even apologised for the wait!


LoLy: .... NEVER anyone will check on you while you are eating if you need anything, and to get a bill, you have to go run after them and grab a waiter by his neck or you will sit there for hours without anyone noticing you..

Jules: That's true, no one checked on us whilst we were eating, but they politely brought us the bill (About 4 mins wait), and I found the service to be average-good. Not quite very good, but between average-good!

Summary: Service was poor on my previous visits as well, but it was much improved today. Perhaps that was cos' there were only 3 other tables occupied on the rooftop terrace!

LoLy said...

WOW, I am impressed, so it is not a bad idea to go there again for another breakfast after all :D Thank you for the infromation :)

minchow said...

Pretty spanking view. Especially that plate! Is that what I think it is? Real bacon? :-O

Julian Si said...

LoLy - Yah, can give it another go again. With the weather so nice, can even sit on the rooftop terrace :-)

MinChow - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yes, for Abu Dhabi - This place is a good balance between price, food and view!

Nupeee ... place is cafe ARABIA , very halal. Beef or turkey, not sure!