Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chinese meal at Golden Fork, Khalidiya - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Located: Near Sheraton Khalidiya, Khalidiya Gardens
Tel: +971 26 673 121

Golden Fork is a little eatery, which is really good value for this expensive city, in the heart of Khalidiyah, next to the Sheraton. After popping by at the Sheraton for 2 pints each (total of four) of Amstel Lite, which only cost 50 AED (RM$50 for FOUR!), we wandered over to ... Golden Fork, for our chinese dinner. SLURPPP... we were hunggggry!

This was my third visit here. The first two times were simply takeaway experiences (Really good bbq chicken, and half-decent nasi goreng), but this time we sat-down and had a proper meal :-) Fried rice, and a really good mixed vegetables with lots of oyster-sauce type gravy. I like!

The manchurian chicken was a little "kwai-loh" for my liking, and the hoi-sin beef was half decent. Overall, it was still a good meal, and we were stuffed :-) About 33 AED per head, well priced!


babe_kl said...

aiks how come the dishes all have dark dark sauce? :p

Julian Si said...

Yah true ... but hey, can't be choosey here!!! :-)

Sin Tai Lim said...

most of the chinese restaurants employ Indian Cooks. the trick is to check for who's the cook of the place before you want dine in a truly chinese restaurant. Try red castle or beijing restaurant for a genuine Chinese food in AD.