Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tri-nation lunch from Lulu Express, Mazyad Mall - Abu Dhabi

Add: Mazyad Mall, Mussafa, PO Box 4048, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 2 553 2233

Resisted having pot noodles for lunch again today, got some food from the local Lulu Express (A huge supermarket chain in Abu Dhabi). International lunch, ie food from 3 countries, what a treat!

Indian ... Aloo Ghobi, 4.70 AED

Filipino ... Can't remember the name of this dish, but it was a very tasty stir fried beef. 4.10 AED.

Chinese ... Fried rice w Chicken, 4.70 AED

The new Mazyad Mall at Mussafa is a refreshing change from all the desert landscape around this industrial area :-) Can't argue with the value from Lulu Supermarket too, I like!


PureGlutton said...

Pretty good value for money eh... almost like M'sian pricing!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Got chicken in the fly lice? I see greens only... =P

gfad said...

Hi there! How's the heat in AD now? Scorching, I can imagine! That's why we are back in KL until Aug!! :D

You like Philippine food? Try Oriental Korner, near the intersection of Hamdan and 6th (Najda) St, same building as Max clothing store. One of the better ones.

I love Indian food in AD. I find it miles better than what we can get in msia. For cheap and excellent, try Arab Udupi. I personally like the Hamdan outlet (inside the buildings, between 6th and Salam St), although there are a few branches around town. They serve one of the best dosas (thosai) in town. Only available for breakfast from 8am-11am, I believe.

If you can still find this book - The Entertainer AD version, get it as you can get "buy 1 main, get 1 main free" vouchers. Loads of vouchers for different restaurants in there, incl for hotels like Shangrila and Meridien.

Julian Si said...

GFAD, mannnnny thanks!!! Your recommendations :-) will be tried and tested in the months to come!!

PureGlutton, cheers :-)

BangsarBabe, there was a few odd pieces of chicken ... eeep! Sure miss the nasi goreng USA at Santai TTDI!!

brandmoxie4 said...

Dear Julian,
Please provide your email id.
I want to contact you about this blog.


Julian Si said...

Juliansi at Gmail dot Com , thanks for visiting Samrah.

CUMI & CIKI said...

looks good man. waa.. eat like dis can put on weight fast hor?

bayi said...

Is the AED equivalent in value to the Dubai dinar? If it is, the food in Abu Dhabi must be very, very cheap compared to Dubai!

Julian Si said...

C&c ... Ooooi! :-)

Bayi ... I think its 1:1 :-)

layne said...

Hi Can you tell me what other shopping stores are there in Mazyad Mall??