Friday, July 31, 2009

Its been a while since I last flew to India! KLIA - Bombay - Bangalore, MH194

Always keeping myself hydrated on flights ... pink guava, orange and ... hic ... Tiger too!

I rather enjoyed the meal served on ...
Flight: MH 194
Route: KUL - BOM (Kuala Lumpur KLIA - Mumbai)
Time: 8:15pm - 10:40pm

Note the lime pickle and traditional roti served :-) MAS has certainly picked up the pieces, and improved. Another bearable flight!

Pity... the connecting flight to Bengaluru (Bangalore) was much delayed, grrrr!
Flight: Air India, AI 620
Route: Mumbai (BOM) to Bangalore (BLR)
Time: Supposed to be ... 1:30am - 3:20am , but various technical glitches meant the flight left at about 4am ... we got to BLR at 6am!

Whats even worse ... When we arrived from KL at Mumbai airport, we had to go through multiple security checkpoints, wait in very long queues for really severe baggage scanning and checking, blah blah ... We couldn't believe there were so many people at the airport past midnight!

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