Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Price of gas in Abu Dhabi and the UAE

Oops ... the car was running low on gas. I had heard all about how cheap the fuel in the middle east was, after all people say its cheaper then drinking water, so this was my first visit to a petrol kiosk in Abu Dhabi!

Expect full service, they have attendants serving each and every car here. Nice!

A full tank of gas for a large MPV such as a Toyota Estima or Previa is ... 74 AED here (That's RM$72 ... not bad eh!).
OK, here's the math :-)
1 litre of premium unleaded in the UAE is ...
RM$ 1.334
GBP 0.233
Euro 0.269
USD$ 0.374
Or, if you want to do the math in gallons ... 1 gallon of premium unleaded in the UAE is ...
RM$ 6.071 , or GBP 1.058 , or Euro 1.223 , or USD$1.701


Derek said...

in doha, qatar its even cheaper..only cost QR 0.80 around 75 sen per liter..1 liter bottle of mineral water is QR 2.50 (RM2.40), used a 2.4 CRV there and never before pump gasoline more the QR60.00 (RM58)

Julian Si said...

Cheers Derek! Good comparison there :-)

So which do you prefer ... the CRV or Rav-4? I like the Hummer H3 best, I wish!

Gas in Qatar's cheeeeaaaap!

Derek said...

for now i settled for a Infinti EX35..very good car with its 3.5ltr engine pumping out 298hp..hummer H3 used to be my dream car.