Monday, March 03, 2008

Yusram Thai Cuisine, Section 20 Shah Alam

Ah hah ... found another restaurant that has NEVER been featured on anyone's blog ... Guess this makes this blog an 'exclusive'!
Food's really good ... Yusram Thai Cuisine
Add: 6 Jalan Singa 20/D, Section 20, Shah Alam
Tel: +603 5542 7119

ps- Forgot to bring my cam out, the quality of the pix is thanks to my Nokiacam!

Kangkung Belacan (RM$8) - Tasty! Plenty of 'wok fire'!
Otak Otak Seafood (RM$15) - Full of ingredients, but I prefer 'plain ol' otak! Too fancy for me!

Fried Kuay Teow Chicken (RM$5.50) - Excellent! Really REALLY delicious.
Tom Yam Fish Fillet (RM$16) - Generous slices of fish, great flavour, fantastic!


applebiru said...

juz came to dis palce yesterday on mothers day..

price: reasonable
staff: very ramah tamah
foods: yummy n tasty ( love the butter prawn)
place: ok nampak cam exclusive

2 word..
best..mkn pon ok..

Julian Si said...

Applebiru, thanks for visiting my blog ... glad you liked the makan here, I sure did!

Anonymous said...

hi thanx for advertis my restaurant...i am this restaurant owner...Yusram Thai cuisine..Halal food..Only One islamic seafood in shah alam...Our main Dishes Dry butter prawn,Lemon chicken,,Otak-otak Seafood,LIVE CRAB(not a mud crab).We also sell Live Siakap..u can catch it...and lala or kepah also from aquarium..all fresh seafood..thanx for Julian...anything can call me at 012-3485001..and julian also email me ..i belanja u makan...

Julian Si said...

Hi Mr Yusram,

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you would like to be in touch with me, email me at ...

Happy Buka Puasa!

Anonymous said...

hi all, just to share my experience dining over there. my wife and i went to the restaurant with some high expectation due to good reviews we found online. we ordered dry butter soft crab, butter shrimp, spicy lala and vegi soup (not in menu). the dry butter soft crab is too salty, butter shrimp and vegi soup nothing exceptional. the worst is lala since some of the lala got black colored dirt inside it with no meat in it. staff over there didn't even apologize for that. overall, dissapointed and that will be the 1st and last time over there

Julian Si said...

Sorry for your bad experience, its been over THREE years since I last visited Yusram Thai.

Perhaps you should call Mr Yusram, 012-3485001, to inform him of your bad experience, I am sure he will make it up to you!

Happy Eating!!!

bell said...

yeah..could you please call the owner itself? because its not a good thing to give bad impression to i do notice you have comment the same thing to every blog or website towards this restaurant.if ure malay,im ashamed of you.