Sunday, March 02, 2008

Overseas Imbi ... Excellent prawns!

Fantastic afternoon feast at one of my favourite restaurants ... Oversea Imbi. Seem to be coming here very frequently, having been here just the night before for Mich's birthday!!
Previous review blog on the piggy!

Everyone likes this appetiser ...

The starters were incredible, espesh the slurpilicious delicious fantabulous Char Siew!

Overseas Imbi always serves nice soup ...

Interesting vege dish ...

Excellent noodles ... but we were so full by then. Just too much food!

My favourite dish ... the Tai Tau Har, big head prawn, in Overseas signature sauce. Fresh, and delightfully fragrant!

The coconutty dessert ... served hot.

Thank you for the treat :-) which came up to just under RM$600. Excellent!

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