Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election Day - My first undi ... ever!

UPDATE on 9th March!! Results of my local constituency

Today has arrived ... 8th March 2008

Only Persiaran Istana Mestika was spared of banners ... quite refreshing really!

As we arrived at the polling centre ... Both PAS and BN had set up tents to help voters speed along the election process by letting us know which 'saluran' or door we were to vote at.

It was all a new experience for me, and it was fun going with Stan and dad ...

Hmm, the opposition seems to have got hold of my details and wrote me a personal letter!

At exactly 10:14am this morning, I cast my votes ...

We had done our civil duties!

One of my mates noted, "WHY IS THERE A SERIAL NUMBER ON YOUR BALLOT FORM?" Hmm, really .. I wasn't sure! In fact, I only noticed this following a post I made on Facebook. What is your experience with this?
Check out the KeADILan poster outside the polling centre, regarding a similar ... or perhaps not so similar matter ...

UPDATE! A lawyer informed me ... it was normal to have serial numbers, seems its to ward off the plague of Phantom Voters!

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bayu said...

is that OK?

seems a lil bit awkward.

perhaps ten years later, we use biometric fingerprint