Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haven't had a Shawarma in a while now!

I remember the old days when I ate one too many shawarmas ... Shawarma shoot-out ... Shater Hassan v Lebanon Flower Grill, Abu Dhabi

Its been a while since I had one! So I jumped at the opportunity a few weeks ago when my friends just moved here from Venezuela / KL, so I welcomed J and L to Abu Dhabi ... by taking them to a local favourite.

This is .. Shater Hassan, located opposite Jumbo Electronics, adjacent to Habib Bank, on the corner of Muroor and Al Falah Street.

As it was a sit down dinner, and not of the takeaway variety (Where they pack shawarmas like a popiah!), we had an open-sandwich style shawarma, with all the breads you can eat ... Here's Spicy Chicken on the left, and traditional Beef on the right.

The verdict? We agreed that the Spicy Chicken is what makes this place special!

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