Saturday, October 09, 2010

Simple tim-sum breakies - GPS coordinates of Meena Cafe

Its taken me a year and a half ... but finally, here are the GPS coordinates of one of my 2 favourite Malaysian eateries in Abu Dhabi!

N24 31' 03.6"
E054 22' 25.5"

Landmark? Head towards Port Zayed, look for "secondary gate", and these tower blocks with the banner "Zelan" below them.

Heh heh ... good way to pass time in Abu Dhabi. Table Tennis! This is at one corner of the cafe ;-)

My breakfast this morning ... Siew mais (6 AED, or RM4), and Hor yip fan / Glutinous rice (4 AED, or RM2.50). Good stuff, nice and fresh!


Sin Tai Lim said...

Is this the 1 st contract JV with IJM & others, if so, it's really slow leh.

Julian Si said...

Hmmm, no clue. I only go there to ... eat!