Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meena Cafe - Great noodles!

Simple canteen on Zelan's construction site, at Port Zayed ...

N24 31' 03.6"
E054 22' 25.5"

If you are willing to make the trek here... all I can say is, it is really worth it :-) This was the first Malaysian restaurant/cafe I ate in when I first arrived over a year ago .... and its still good! Any place that gives out freebie soup for starters is good in my books ;-) Loh Wong Kwa soup, yummm!

MD and her mum brought along BL for the meal, and he likes his food spicey ... hence we started with the Szechuan noodles.

We couldn't not have the special of the day though ... Yong Tau Foo ;-) What a treat!

My favourite dish here has always been ... and remains to be ... the Fried Tung Fun!

The Tom Yum fried rice with extra kick was good too ;-)

We ate like kings ... each having one plate of noodle/rice, and 1 extra portion to share amongst the 4 of us, and we paid .. 85 AED, or RM70. Excellent value, by Abu Dhabi standards :-)

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