Monday, October 11, 2010

El Sombrero, Sheraton on Corniche - Yummy mexican!

El Sombrero
Sheraton on the Corniche, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 2 697 0238
Note! Do remember to make reservations, we went on a Thursday night, and had to sit near the bar. All the tables were full, even though they had 2 seatings!

Excellent margaritas ... this was the first of many ... many!

Hmm ... fajitas me thinks! Not your typical dry variant, this was quite saucey, and I loved it.

Mixed platter was good too...

Very entertaining and talented Colombian band entertained us all night ;-) I think they started playing at about 9pm, and were still at it when we left at midnight! Thanks for a great night out, L and J!


Jubulicious said...

sooo jealous!!!! the mexican food here sucks!!! :( well the ones i've tried so far. T.T Do you know any good mexican food in KL??
Gosh I miss the states where you have affluent number illegal amigos from Mexico who also serves super awesome mexican food... =P

Julian Si said...

Haha... I dunno of many mexican joints in Malaysia, but my favourite has previously been -

Las Carettas, Taipan USJ10