Friday, May 01, 2009

Duck Porridge and Balestier Road Hoover Rojak, Whampoa Makan Plaza - Singapore

Add: Liang zhao ji, Block 90 Whampoo Drive, #01-07 Whampoo Drive food centre, Singapore

Wanna queue up for food? This seems to happen at ALL the "institutional" food stalls in Singapore!

As you can see, Hoover Rojak is located alongside the famous yam rice - duck stall, so Sumo ordered us some as a starter ... Pretty good, I liked the century egg!

After a long wait (The queue... the queue!), our dishes arrived. Good teochew braised duck, but not spectacular.
The yam rice ... Can't wait to let Sumo try the much smoother version at Taman Chi Liung in Klang
We were in Singapore, so my choice of drink (by default ... I like it!) was obviously Sugar Cane with a squeeze of Lemon!

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