Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hand-made Fish Balls off Jalan Batu Tiga, near Pawagam Seri Intan Klang

Located: Adjacent to Pawagam Seri Intan (Indian cinema), off Jalan Batu Tiga in Klang.
Also known as: Gerai Makan Jalan Solok Baru
Detailed directions with photos: BackStreetGluttons review of Pork Ribs King in Klang

What's uncle doing?

A skill that has been lost in time ... hand-made fish balls :-)

Springy, delicious ... exquisite!
We tried to buy some to ta-pow home for some home-made steamboat, but the propietor declined, couldn't keep up with their own demand!


allie said...

the fishballs texture looks so QQ! I lurve fishball!

CUMI & CIKI said...

talk about hand made by the oldest most experienced hand! very cool shot of the old man.. the bone still on the fish la!

Julian Si said...

Thanks :-)

Photo shot by my co-shooter, L :-)

Anonymous said...

This shop and the shop below "emporium makan" serve the best fishballs in klang town =)