Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Return to Wang Chiew, Seapark - SS2

Add: 30, Jalan SS2/103, PJ
Tel: +603 7722 3662

The rather incomparable Wang Chiew was our dinner venue late one evening ... Thanks to A and KT for joining us :-) Beermonster couldn't make it, alas...

Xiong tong Spinach ... bit of soup and vege. Ah ... nice!

Curry tofu ... another signature dish here. Yummy!

Pai kuat wong, always an excellent choice here!

Signature crayfish ... Not as good as on previous nights!

Do make reservations before-hand, you can see they have even prepared a sign that says "FULL" as they are on most nights!

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Precious Pea said...

Remember to try their Har Mai Sang Cheong "Dried shrimp with pig's intestine"...very nice! I used to have dinner here at least twice a week cos i used to live within walking distance from this place.