Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New KFC in town! Tanjung Malim

Nicely refurbished, renovated and re-built KFC in TM town :-) Yay!

Ah... Ice-cold Milo! Bliss :-)

Approx. RM$14 for bag of fries, two drumsticks, and two milos .... No one said that KFC was cheap these days, and it ain't. But what you get is THE BEST KFC original recipe in the world ... ever :-) We ordered a side helping of cheesy wedges, and as Anthony Bourdain and his brethen pointed out, this AIN'T real cheese :-)

I am glad D was well amused by his Delivery Boy toy, left his bro S with the Chicken Chef :-) with "action-omelette-pan"!

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