Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kee Heong Bak Kut Teh, Eng Ann - Klang

One very special afternoon a year, three months, and two weeks ago ... I visited Eng Ann Klang's KEE HEONG for the first time, and today ... dad wanted to make a return visit :-)

I am cutting back on the Yau Char Kuey, but dad insisted on having some ...

Fat ... or lean ... The choice is yours :-) Not my favourite BKT, but still decent and well loved by many, I personally prefer Berkeley's, Pandamaran's, Teluk Pulai's and the one near Pawagam Seri Intan Klang.

I figured the very herbal-y test Bak Kut Teh served at Kee Heong is due to the infusion of kei-chee, that's the red spice on top of the right-hand piece of pork below! Had to becareful not to get my Canon G9 too close to the shot, as the macro is capable of a 1cm shot! Shudder... pork-stained lens :-)

You know in most clubs and pubs, if you order a bottle (and you should) of Macallan or similar liquors, and you don't finish the bottle before you leave, you get a bottle custody card, and they store it in a cabinet ... well, similar system here, except the storage is for TEA! Yes, precious tea of the patrons :-) I also noticed a bottle of ABC or XYZ or XKL tablets, perhaps for carbo-burning!!!?


Anonymous said...

it is the dang guai that gives the herbally smell..
kei chi (the red stuff)...is practically non aromatic..
it just gives a subtle sweet flavour..
in fact many bkt doesnt use kei chi..

Anonymous said...

I just learnt that Kee Hiong bak kut teh is now having a new outlet at Bandar Sunway Mentari Park.

Here is the map to the location:


Anonymous said...

Tried to visit the Sunway branch but apparently it has been moved to Subang (nearby Giant supermarket) since 01-Nov-2013.

Here is the address:
TEL: (6)03-8021 6334