Friday, May 01, 2009

Lian Hing Tai Chau, Sungai Chua - Kajang

Add: Kedai Kopi Lian Hing - 1941 Jln Sungai Chua, Kajang
Tel: +603 8736 2829

Great start to the meal ... Chicken in soup, with lots of ginger. Very tasty! But pity they included the "chicken poot" aka backside (!) in the soup. Hmm, anyone wants this select piece!?

Average cabbage stir fried with har-mai, but much better Chinese bacon (Lean pieces of pork which is deep fried with a sticky red-sauce) in sweet sauce (Seems this is their signature dish!).

Oh oh ... disaster. The steamed pomfret had a soggy-texture, but the lady-boss quickly took it back when we told her, and offered us another fish dish. Good customer service!

Sliced fish with spring onions and ginger ... Average.

Decent value meal at this tai-chau (big chinese fry-up) restaurant which we found along the main road leading into Kajang, RM$50 for the three of us.

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