Monday, December 29, 2008

Probably the best TOILET in the world ... Toto Neorest, KL Hilton

This Toto Neorest unit can be found on the exclusive 7th floor, private party area. The wireless remote unit mounted on the wall is probably as high-tech as most families' home entertainment systems!

Why is it the most amazing, high-tech, BEST toilet in the world? Check out this description by Toto USA...
Toto’s NeoRest 500 is a high-tech aware toilet and integrated washlet warm-water personal cleansing system that features smart-sensor design and Cyclone Flush Engine. The petite compact model is ideal for small bath spaces.
Washlet technology transforms the traditional toilet into a warm-water personal cleansing system. Controlled by wireless remote the seat features multi-task functions that provide gentle front-and back-aerated warm water spray, which can be regulated for water pressure and temperature.
Features include: 20" tall; extends 26 ¼" from the wall; toilet seat and cover detach with an easy one-touch operation; timed cleaning mode; automatic lid opening and closing; concave rim; automatic dual flush water conservation modes; tankless; heated seat, deodorizer automatically engages and provides a white noise that masks sound.


The Yellow Robot said...

Jules, the picture taken before of after you did ur business ? :))

gracetcp said...

alamak, u DID take pictures of the toilet!