Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, J @ leveL7even, KL Hilton

leveL7even - Sophisticated Urban Multi-Event Venue
KL Hilton @ KL Sentral

Happy Birthday J :-) What a birthday bash!


Happy Birthday, J!

A bit of finger food anyone?

Beautifully presented food ...

Macallan 18 flowed all night ... hmm, whose Cosmo is that :-)

Gosset - Grande Reserve ... Cheers!


Mouthful of Muses said...

hey jules! wow, the place certainly looks really cool. i need a favour from you, oh guru of KL food... any places you can suggest for a great anniversary celebration for my parents (its their 40th!) ?? Trying to organise this from SG, and want to keep them in the dark. Kinda looking for a place that has a nice ambience and good food to match for about 15 pax... any ideas??? T.

Julian Si said...

This place would be a good bet, if budget isn't a constraint :-)

Or .... book up Italian on 6th at Pavilion :-) Its a cosy restaurant that has good service and good'er food!