Saturday, December 06, 2008

Khao Man Kai - Thai Chicken Rice, streets of Pattaya

This is Pattaya... I was rather bored with restaurant food, so went on the search of some street food last night :-)

Located: Pattaya Sai Song

Another adjacent landmark, across the road, is the infamous "cabaret" Tiffany's of Pattaya.

Starters ... Ba Mee Heng Moo Dang (Kon Loh noodles with Char siew) @ 30 THB.
Rather dissapointed, noodles were dry and the char siew was poor! I miss KL...

Another stall served ... Khao Man Khai aka Chicken Rice, 30 THB. Much better!

Some cut fruits ta-powed home from a large local supermarket chain, Big C.
Som Oh "Pomelo" @ 39 THB (Approx RM$4)
and, "Pines" aka Pinapples @ 29 THB (Roughly, RM$3)

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