Monday, June 04, 2007

Windmill - Steak-house in Subang

An old and rather homely steak house located in Subang ... Across the road from SJMC. Food is average, but I like the 'old school' nature of the decor. The steak was over-done, as was the beef, but it was a great value set ... Clam Chowder, Prawn Cocktail, Steak with Lamb on a Hot Plate, scoop of Strawberry Icecream, AND tea as well. The ala-carte French Onion soup, and Nonya Chicken was rather good too. I liked the warm bread-rolls too!


alice said...

hello..can i ask u something? Wanna booking there?

Julian Si said...

Hi Alice

Thanks for visiting my blog.

You won't need a booking, doesn't get too busy.


Anonymous said...

Hai... can u give me price of the main dish (eg : t bone steak , solmon etc)... TQ

Julian Si said...

20-40 ringgit. Enjoy!