Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Assam Laksa and Lobak at Lok Pin Cafe, Penang

Lunchtime ... 16th June 2007
It wouldn't be a complete trip to Penang without having their 'home-grown' ASSAM LAKSA PENANG STYLE, and Uncle Gan said this was the best ... he certainly was right!

Beautiful noodles, very fine ingredients, stupendous thick broth with lots of fish bits in a succulent flavour, which was brought to life by the Har Koh (that's the one in the squeezy bottle ... what a novel way of serving this 'shrimp paste'!)

Unfortunately, the LOBAK was a real let down. Too 'flour-ey', and the sauce was just weak and poor. Stick to the one at Sister's Char Kuay Teow aka McAllister Road.

I didn't try the other dishes, but they looked OK ... Curry Mee and Lor Mee.
Ps. That's Stan trying to get directions to a 'proper' Lobak place, which was located near the E&O.

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