Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zari Zardozi - Al Raha Mall, Abu Dhabi

We don't often stop at Al Raha Mall, but over the weekend we realise it is now our favourite Lulu supermarket, great selection of items, very fresh fruits, as well as not having to jostle with half of Abu Dhabi!

Located: On the highway to Dubai, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi
Shopping: Zari Zardozi is located on the ground floor of Al Raha Mall
Tel: +971 2 556 5188

Interesting eatery, Zari Zardozi also runs a spa (!) as well as a clothing shop. Reminded me a little of Delicious by Ms Read in Malaysia...

It was a very windy and hot day, nearly 45C!

Not a good start, average poppadoms! At least the staff was friendly, and knowledgable ... and very child friendly as well.

We prefer the curries at Tandoori Corner ... The Briyani at Tandoori Corner is especially good! Here at Zari Zardozi, we had the Chicken Tikka-Murgh Masala, which had strange oyster sauce accents, but at least the Rogan-e-Josh (Lamb) was tended and full of flavour.

And overall, we much prefer the food at Damascus Flower, where we could eat a similar meal for no more then 35 AED. Yes, this compared to 180 AED at Zari Zardozi! The Garlic Naan here was good, but at over 10 AED, just too expensive. And ... 50 AED for the portion of Chicken Briyani was over the top!

The Masala Tea was rather strong, I will stick to "normal" Cha-eh next time!

ps. Aldar HQ is the landmark building, located adjacent to Al Raha Mall ... most incredible building in Abu Dhabi? You betcha!


katCL said...

Never tried before. Somehow Indian eateries in malls don't really excite me. Have tried the one in Khalidiyah Mall - quite disappointing for the high price one is paying.

Have a go at Foodlands on Airport Rd (near HSBC). One of the better Indian restaurants around - very presentable (uniformed waiters. Imagine a slightly more upmarket Tandoori Corner) and food consistently good.

India Palace is good too only if you are brave enough to drive there. Off Salam St, quite grand and opulent inside. Lovely place to take guests as you'd feel like you're inside a maharaja's palace. Don't know if the branch in Mazyad Mall is as good. Will try one day.

Julian Si said...

Hey KCL ,

1) The Khali Mall one looks too pricey!

2) Foodlands - We must try! Thanks.

3) India Palace - Been there on my FIRST WEEK in Abu Dhabi, it was good :-)

Julian Si said...

My latest review - India Palace at Mazyad Mall, pretty good. Can't remember how good the original Salam branch was now, after all I went when I first arrived here!!