Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We like dinner time at IKEA, Yas Island - Abu Dhabi

We love IKEA at Yas Island, yes the newly opened one ... used to be convenient to travel to Marina Mall for the IKEA experience, but I have to say that it had outgrown its four walls, and the move to Yas was the right thing to do :-)

Here is a recent article in the newspaper which made me chuckle ... The National

So... here is what we ate (Yes, we travelled all the way there not to buy a new Poang, or tea-lights, but to ... have dinner!) ... Swedish meatballs (Small portion of 5, but they were generous and threw in a few more) with Cranberry sauce (Measly but so damn good!) for only 7.50 AED, and Beef Goulash (Not so yummy) for 17 AED.

bbG chose the yummy Farareej Mashwi or Arabic roast chicken, 19 AED. We also had a small bottle of water (2 AED) and unlimited-refills soft-drink (3 AED).

Best of all ... this is a seriously "family" and "child-friendly" restaurant :-)
1) Unpretentious
2) Free paper bibs
3) Microwave to heat up any bottles etc
4) Children's cutlery
5) Multiple play areas (Please take off your shoes, kiddies and ADULTS!)
6) Kiddy meals for 5 AED (RM$4 only!), chicken nuggets and chips ...

Yes... this was our trolley of food :-) All for under 54 AED or only just over RM$40 :-)

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