Sunday, May 01, 2011

Halal tim-sum & Chicken Rice at Noodle Bowl, Dubai

We had been to Noodle Bowl in Abu Dhabi's Zayed Sports City / Bowling Alley many times, but when my cousin R asked us to join her in Dubai for tim-sum one weekend, we could not resist. I found the food at the Dubai-branch to be somewhat better, but that's highly subjective!

Mall: Dune Shopping Centre
Located: Al-Satwa / Al Dhiyafah Street
Tel: +971 4 345 3381

Hainanese Chicken Rice - Pretty good! 35 AED, or RM$28. Char Siew Pao (Halal variety, that's chicken char siew, was rather good, pastry/skin could have been fluffier, but "stuffing" was good!) was 16 AED, or RM$6 per pao.

Uncle CH really liked the "Hokkien" Char Kuay Teow, and was rather surprised it could be halal! This cost 29 AED. Beef Horfun with Egg was decent too, 35 AED.

Other drinks ...
Soya milk and peanuts, 15 AED. Water melon juice, 16 AED. Fresh lime soda, 7 AED. Teh Tarik, 10 AED. Jasmine tea in a pot, 15 AED.

And other tim-sums and dishes ...
Fried turnip cake, 18 AED. Prawn chee cheong fun, 17 AED. BBQ Duck congee (Porridge, really good!), 25 AED. Kangkung Malaysia-style, 28 AED.

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